from 1. Dezember 2014 Quantify yourself – preventive medicine   Q: What does Eco Wellness mean? The Eco Wellness standard with its trademark is the world’s first and only standard, which considers not only ecological and health criteria, but also social and ethical factors. The standard, developed by experts of IFOAM ( and the associated cachet set clear parameters for products, systems and programs that are preventative as well as have health […]

ECOWELLNESS is the first standard worldwide to combine ecological, health-promoting and social parameters. The ECOWELLNESS standard and label make sense if you want to generate a real and great USP. You can use sustainability and organic topics of your company, system or product together with health-promoting, social and ethical aspects and combine it into a standard, which is the highest and most innovative on the market. This will even secure your innovations and make a […]

Die Liste der Ecowellness-Diagnosetools zur Stoffwechseltypbestimmung wird um ein neues Segment erweitert: den metabolischen Gentest. Nach langen Monaten ausführlicher Tests und Verhandlungen wurden die metabolischen Gentests der italienischen Firma G&Life in der letzten Woche nun offiziell in die EcoWellness Familie aufgenommen. Nach eingängiger Prüfung haben auch die Experten des EcoWellness Qualification Board e.V. ihren Segen gegeben. Nach den Forschungsergebnissen der „Vier Felder-Theorie“ von M. Lalonde  und G. E. Alan Dever, […]