Bereich Analyse und Diagnostik – Instrumente und Programme


(All tests can be conducted at the workplace, at home and per mail under the supervision of doctors.)

a) Determination of the metabolic type

What is so special about this test is that it is a unique combination of valid elements of the over 4000 year old Ayurvedic medicine, translated into our culture and verified elements of classical Western psychosomatics and the genetic embossing of the blood group. This combination offers a variety of useful information, especially about optimal nutrition, but also about the general, experienced state of heath, about the congruence between type, workplace/task and social communication or partnership, while at the same time being efficient and cost-effective to use. In 2011 an individual skin-type test and a new concept for personalized nature cosmetics was added.

b) Microbiology of the gut flora using the questionnaire of R.S. Tomek. Dres Labor Hauss, R.S. Tomek and other experts developed a unique system for laboratory tests of the oral cavity and feces for analyzing and optimizing the gut flora and the oral cavity in combination with the metabolic type analysis developed by Tomek.

c) DCA immunity test and therapy system (for an unspecific immune system) after Dr. Vlcek and related programs.

A simple test which shows whether the body’s own, nonspecific immune system works or not has been developed. When the immune system functions, inflammatory and carcinogenic processes and viruses can be treated in their early stages – as long as the antagonists are avoided – without side effects.

d) Blood group test from finger blood

Even though it is vital to know one’s own blood group for metabolical reasons, such as in case of an accident, about 50% of the population do not know their own blood group. They are not informed of it in the hospital. In pharmacies, such a test is not available either. The basic test, which is conducted in ambulances, is provided by us.

e) Genetic test to discover allergies or food intolerances

2. FURTHER DIAGNOSTICS for creating a health balance of the risks and for concluding a health protection contract (only with licensed physicians)

a) Extensive blood test using the system of the cooperation partner Hepart AG (CH) and the laboratory IABC Institute for Applied Biochemistry with a personalized result together with the remaining metabolic tests.

b) HRV Test (heart rate variability), long-duration measuring of the heart and the related personalized evaluation.

c) Osteopathic function test developed by Tatzl

A test of the interaction of the motor system, teeth and muscles and the preventative determination of imbalance and timely correction to avoid wear and tear.

d) The synergy balance

This award-winning software and system architecture allows physicians to create health analyses and health balances and to conduct  holistic, interdisciplinary and individual health management, health protection and health coaching while working together with physicians, alternative practitioners and – if necessary – using the help of experts available worldwide via Internet or phone.