EcoWellness—successful attendance in India

Results in detail

The targeted and consistent use of the windows of opportunities that seldom occur in this succession created more positive synergy than our small team dared to dream:

– our official participation in ANUGA in October 2017 and

– at the world’s largest trade fair for food with the Organic World Congress (OWC) and the IFOAM General Assembly in New Delhi and at the Indian Organic Food Fair in November 2017, as well as

– The contractual cooperation with the Nuremberg Fair in preparation for the Organic Food Fair (Biofach) in February 2018 with a huge EcoWellness Stand in Halle 8 (


Delegierte aus der ganzen Welt IFOAM Organic World Congress 2017 in Neu Delhi.

Ergebnisse im Detail:


At ANUGA, the world’s largest food fair, which brought us into contact with numerous potential EcoWellness license partners, we received (with synergy) an invitation from the Ministry for Food Production to participate in their World Food India Conference in New Delhi (

An opening for the “Transformation of Food” through innovation and technology by the Indian government, followed by conversation in the Ministry in New Delhi, and the offer for the interdisciplinary INtegrated ART I Holding AG Think Tank and Reinhardt Stefan Tomek to serve as CEO and trade journalist to the Indian Ministry. Thus, the EcoWellness Group has the chance to implement the EcoWellness Standard in India.


We have begun to cooperate with one of the largest certification organizations in the world, the Control Union in Europe and Asia (, which will audit and certify all organic standards as well as EcoWellness and all relevant CSR Standards, substantially invested and also negotiated with other certifiers in new markets all over the world.


Our request for a realignment of the world’s largest NGO for ecological standards, the IFOAM Organics International (, toward Organic plus Health was approved by the IFOAM General Assembly with no dissenting votes—for the purpose of the BIO 3 main motion.

Numerous potential customers and organizations expressed their readiness to cooperate. (Cooperation with large market players, 4 and 5 star hotels, the wellness and catering industry, companies that want to adopt qualified health management, medical offices, and private clinics).


We are processing over 200 interested parties as potential licensees and building up our personnel.


Whoever believes in us has a limited chance until 30.11.2017 to order cheaper shares from our capital increases approved and registered with the Amtsgericht Berlin Charlottenburg.


Reinhardt Stefan Tomek


EcoWellness Group
INtegrated ART I Holding AG

R. Stefan Tomek bei der World Food India 2017.