Products and recipes from the new organic standard EcoWellness.

Open forum with experts from medicine, politics and gastronomy as well as a complimentary food tasting.

11 October, 2017 – 12:30-13:30 – ANUGA Culinary Stage

Time and again, consumer protection agencies, product testing foundations, physicians, and the media have justifiably criticized manufacturers for makingpromisesabout foodstuff or health-promoting procedures and equipment that are not true or for having deficiencies or even toxins in end products due to lack of inspections. Or, the products have way too much sugar! The EU organic food regulations do not requisition such scrutiny. In this way, the entire organic food industry falls into disrepute.

The IFOAM Organics International Bonn—which monitors all organic standards worldwide and collaborates with Integrated ART I Holding AG, a Berlin-based Think Tank independent of corporate influence with a focus on medical prevention through the development of a universal accreditation under the EcoWellness Standard—will put an end to such dishonest practices.The scientific administration had the well-known researcher Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Jürgen Vormann. The coordination of various research fields came to fruition thanks to CEO R. Stefan Tomek.

The BVE has already introduced the new Food Standard at ANUGA 2015 and GrüneWoche 2016. Since then, the first products have been placed on the market. The BIOFACH 2018 will live up to this trend with a 400m2 “Ecowellness-Oasis”. Coca-Cola has offered a reward of 1 million dollars for a healthy sweetener made from naturally occurring substances. The TAO Syrup from EcoWellness—produced by Fa. Beyeler AG,Dornbach CH in Lizenz—already fulfills these criteria.

For the new organic standard EcoWellness, which encompasses products from the field to the producer and caterer to the clinic and doctor’s office, an analysis of toxins in foodstuff, an inspection of the end product, and the reduction of allergens are requirements, and the verification of the presence health-promoting substances and absence of undesirable nutrients (lactose, gluten, sugar, etc.) is the rule. Another requirement for the issuance of the EcoWellness seal of approval is an assessment of the impact on health, the personalizability of the foodstuff in accordance with the slogan “Genieße Dich gesund!” The new “Deutsche Präventionsgesetz der Bundesregierung” in 2016 financially supportsprevention and hence healthy, personalized nutrition, which is for the time being restricted to companies and organizations for children and youth, company health promotion, and senior citizen’s homes. Few are aware of this.

Furthermore, the Digital Revolution has enabled something which until now was difficult to achieve for commerce and for producers: personalized information, nutrition consulting, and digital checkups.

Renate Künast, Reinhardt Stefan Tomek, Bernd Trum (ÖkoWellness-Stand BioFach 2010)

How everything will go into practice and how it tastes—for instance, how Sauerkrautsalate tastes to the various metabolic types—will be demonstrated and discussed by a panel of first-class experts, top chefs, and also the companies Paulsen and Marschland on stand 10.2.B030.

Anuga 2015: Reinhardt Stefan Tomek & Promikoch Chef Saby (Neu-Delhi)