from 1. Dezember 2014

Quantify yourself – preventive medicine


Q: What does Eco Wellness mean?

The Eco Wellness standard with its trademark is the world’s first and only standard, which considers not only ecological and health criteria, but also social and ethical factors. The standard, developed by experts of IFOAM ( and the associated cachet set clear parameters for products, systems and programs that are preventative as well as have health benefits and include social and sustainable parameters. Man = an ecosystem, which wants wellbeing = being well.

Q: How did this standard come about?

There were some formative elements in my life, which demonstrated this important issue to me. I grew up with an Internist “of the other way.“ He was my father. He combined his Praxis with his own laboratory and X-ray. My father held the opinion, that people have the right to be looked after in one place. Today we would call this a ‚one-stop-shopping solution for health.

I studied medicine as well until my practical work, the oncology at the AKH taught, that I could not become a conventional doctor. The accepted view, of what cancer is and how it should be treated, was, in my opinion, strategically wrong. None the less, I acquired a degree in physiotherapy and as a dietician.

Since always had an artistic streak, I studied music at the same time and published short stories in the media. This way, I became a copywriter for Ogilvy & Mather. David Ogilvy personally trained me, as part of a promotion and so became probably the youngest copywriter in Europe.

Subsequently, I had a career in advertising and marketing at Unilever and at an international agency in Hamburg. In this way, I learned economics in practice.

One of my most influential realization was that there are not only rational, scientific facts, but also irrational factors, such as anxiety, expectations, hopes and feelings. I have learned to deceive the people. I also learned that it was possible, by the means of advertising, marketing and product development, to affect the irrational motives in a way, that it unfortunately, became possible to sell a lot of nonsense and useless stuff. I thought if we could reverse this influence, it would open the possibility to sell useful and beneficial products just as well. This of course would be the best way. However, back then, getting rich quickly was still on my mind. I left the field of advertising and became Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist. I embarked on Financial and Balance Sheet Analysis. I was fascinated by the fact that people worldwide agreed on the balance of credit rating. However, this credit rating only depicts the rational facts. Knowing about the irrational factors, I thought, we could use this structure to represent the irrational factors just as well. This means we developed the first psychosocial performance of companies.

The procedure to present rational and irrational factors in a balance for the first time was so successful that in just only three years I earned two million Deutschmarks and went to Monaco.

Q: What happened next?

I earned the reputation to be the number-one specialist in hopeless cases.

The Thurnau Industrial Group commissioned me to refurbish their Grand Hotel de L’Europe Bad Gastein Corporation. This event was my opening to return to the health sector. After all, what is the use of a five-star spar, if you don’t engage with professional health care methods?

In 1985 the first prevention centers (club Epicure) as well the fist programs for professional health management emerged from there.

We developed a software for the balance of synergy, which enabled us for the first time ever to summarize the complexity of the rational and irrational data of a person in a balance sheet. The development of EPIKUR hotel group has been very successful. However, it ended with the second major financial crisis, the Black Monday in New York. Our parent company, the Baden-municipal Landesbank, was practically insolvent. We had a subsidiary, which for an AG, completely senseless method, apply for bankruptcy. No Austrian Bank wanted to replace the Germans, even though we operated in the black and worked well.

During this demanding time, I developed Colon Cancer. These, however, thanks to the Synergy Balance, was detected early. There was no chemotherapy, no radiation, only one operation of the affected intestinal track. According to the results of the diagnosis and the cause of the cancer in the first place, my life had to change in a big way. You can only heal if you recognize the reasons of a disease and its genesis. Subsequently, I healed myself with the help of my father and other experts. For example, such as the discoverer of the DCA and of the control macrophages, Prof. Dr. Vlcek. This was my last influential event from EcoWellness because as I understood, what role the intestine eco-system plays.

Through these internal and external crises, the movement was born. – ‚Integrated Art‘. Doctors, sociologists, economists, philosophers and artists came together, trying to understand man – holistically as a living work of art.

This complexity of art is generally not seen in the right light because still, in our time and age, there always only parts examined.

In addition, companies, which are in the craft of making money through human suffering, are in no way or form interested to educate people and let them know that they can improve their well-being through preventative health care.

The Integrated Art movement arose from the need to find new sustainable value models, which are truly useful and sensible.

With the first instruments, which we, already partially applied in Los Angeles, in Bad Gastein and in Monaco, we created the first ecologically certified wellness oasis, in 1995. All in accordance with EU standards and the criteria of the association „Naturland.“

Q: How did you come up with Mecklenburg?

With the Synergistic Balance Method, I have examined various locations to determine where the most energy and joy is coming from for my recovery. Short listed were: Slovenia, the Waldviertel, Vienna and Northern Germany, near the Baltic Sea. One criterion, of course, was the language. The solution was Mecklenburg. Why? You only understand that when the result of the complexity becomes clear and predictable as well as when the result of the Synergistic Balance of rational and irrational factors is lastingly positive.

Mecklenburg, because it is similar to the Waldviertel – few people and a healthy nature. Close to the Baltic Sea. Convenient. And last but not least, because it is close to Hamburg and Berlin, where there is quite some culture. Near culture was also a parameter.

Q: How can one imagine the making of a Synergy balance?

First, you fill in a questionnaire, get a blood panel done and the intestinal flora tested to analyze your personal metabolic disposition. In the questionnaire, rational and irrational factors are explored. For example, what makes me happy? How was my childhood? Which work do I like and what does my workplace look like? All data is evaluated with an algorithm. Over the last two years, this software, twice, received the German Award of the “best of e-health “

Q: Is the EcoWellness standard now certified?

Practically, we are the first to be awarded with the standard of the IFOAM, the global organization that allows for the recognition of eco-standards. Unfortunately, it was 20 years in the making.

Right now, this is really taking off, because our standards are official and auditable by the same EU ECO Control Bodies, which are accredited by the governments and certification company. From this day forwards, no one has an excuse, not to do the best in terms of their health, whether this is private, as a company or as a food manufacturer.

Q: In addition, do you manufacture your own healthy foods?

We develop healthy foods according to this demanding standard, right down to the sample production in our own lab in order to supply doctors and therapists, gain experience and advice for companies, which already produce relatively good foods and show them how they can improve on their own standards. Thereafter, they may engage the EcoWellness law. Annually the certification is publicized by the above-mentioned EU ECO checkpoints as a certifying agent.

Q: What is your vision?

That people and companies understand that life is a work of art. That you can earn money by providing meaningful things that bring lasting benefits. This means we need a reformed economy and a new society. We need a truly new democratic movement, which defines the creation of new values. If I could see that there is a direct democracy in Europe, a Federal United Europe, which introduces a preventative medical health care as a legal basis by our standards, I will be happy.