Functional IQ-Food by the ECOwellness Standard in full flavor

We developed our products over many years with the knowledge of food advisors. The food in smaller and larger containers is produced by regional manufacturers (which operate very close to the Bio-Farm), contain all the essential micronutrients and are made with the latest scientific knowledge in the field of oxidative and inflammatory stress.


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The development of Functional IQ-Food

An interdisciplinary team of doctors, experts, top chefs and end users developed parameters and recipes. The criteria is to make – inspired by R S Tomek – in accordance with Ayurvedic nutrition, TCM, blood groups, traditional western medicine and the research of Univ.Prof. C Vlcek and Univ Prof. Jürgen Vormann – intelligent functional delicatessen food which is versatile, practical and applicable to consumers‘ metabolic types and personal needs

Most of our products are antifungicidal, anticarcinogenic, vegan, suitable for diabetics and include recipes which equate to the best gourmet kitchen and were priced multiple times with the predicate “The best from Germany” by the gourmet magazine DER FEINSCHMECKER. Our products are made systemically for certain metabolic types, or rather after the functional impact, so they can be used economically, usefully and conveniently by gastronomy, medical wellness hotels, clinics, private retirement homes or for occupational health care (modular conception). We can also consider special health effects.

The products were tested by the KDW Berlin, by Alsterhaus Hamburg, by Karstadt Wandsbek, by several wellness hotels and by several BIO-supermarkets in Berlin and Vienna (promotions with free tasting and guidance).

At last we have worked together with Hilton Vienna and Hilton Berlin, where we have developed new recipes which were tested in the hotel restaurants. Our own systemic menu cards may be used by our licensed partners. The end user can also receive a consultation and buy our products directly at our licensed partner stores.