Press Release – 17/10/2017

From the field to the physician: Enjoy getting healthy! The new IFOAM EcoWellness super food standard—the highlight of ANUGA 2017 in Cologne.

The largest food fair in the world, based in Cologne, ended with new records, not only with more than 165,000 expert visitors and 7,400 exhibitors, but also through more innovations presented.

At the crowning conclusion, the CEO of IFOAM Organics International (Bonn), Markus Arbenz, a Swiss gentleman, presented the newly approved EcoWellness Standard for sustainable health promotion and disease prevention. Grounded over 40 years ago, IFOAM has, as a type of WHO of the organic food world, regulated everything having to do with sustainable food.

Markus Arbenz: „Since India—the world’s largest producer and consumer of food—is the host country of ANUGA 2017, and since we have our World Congress in November of this year with thousands of participants in New Dehli and we fulfill the requirements of our concept and the model BIO 3.0, I am pleased to be able to present this seal of approval today. Our vision is to connect ecological criteria with health and social criteria, and the EcoWellness Standard, or in German, ÖkoWellness, does just that. Therefore, we have accepted it into our „Family of Standards.“

IFOAM CEO Markus Arbenz with Markus Fertig (left) and Werner Retter (right)

The Peterson Control Union (PCU), which operates in 70 countries, was represented during the presentation by the German German Manager Markus Fertig from Berlin, and it has certified the new Standard „from the field to the physician:“ „We deem the EcoWellness holistic approach to be fascinating and sustainable.“

Britta Ungruh, ecotrophologist at PCU Berlin, who is also active as leading auditor for the organic food division, underlined that what she likes the most about the new quality standard is that it finally requires the personalization of foodstuff, which has been necessary and lacking for a long time.

The audience and the contributers immediately put this personalization into practice with world-class organic food chef Christopher Hinze and the EcoWellness initiator, Stefan Tomek.

„An EcoWellness menu or an EcoWellness product provides the guest or customer with the information regarding which food is best for their type and thus prescribes the most important nutrients to be included in each dish or product and that no more than one allergen may be included in the product. Each product must also contain as few calories and as little sugar as possible. In this way, you can easily learn how to combine enjoyment with health and so the refrigerator becomes your pharmacy,“ Tomek stated, who is also the chairman of the ethics-oriented INtegrated ART Holding AG, grounded over 20 years ago and headquartered in Berlin, which has developed its standard seal of approval with over 150 shareholders as its think tank.

An independent qualification board commissioned by the AG with experts under the chairmanship of the well-known nutrition scientist Prof. Dr. Jürgen Vormann evaluates, reviews, and regulates the certification requirements.

The pioneer of the EcoWellness certification process for pomegranates and juice, a native of Styria, Austria, Werner Retter, was also present: „A typical organic certification is not enough if you want more than just mainstream. With the EcoWellness Standard I can orientate not only my products, but the entire company in the direction of health promotion and sustainability according to social criteria, and therefore maximize my benefits and pass them on to the customer.

The world-class organic food chef Christopher Hinze also sees a successful future for this concept because it promotes the creation of personalized, health-promoting recipes, ingredients, and convenience products in the field of catering to kindergardens, schools, cateens, and hotels.

Also present at the ANUGA EcoWellness Premiere, the leader of the GFK Consumer Choice Study 2017 (commissioned by the BVE) Dr. Robert Kecskes declared that the trend towards organic and healthier enjoyment will continue into the future. The digital opportunities will enable customers to receive personalized, quality advice, especially for the new type of „Omni-Shopper,“ for whom it will be easier to access quality Super Food. At, customers can learn for free which nutrition type they are and also read the product description before purchasing (Amazon/EcoWellness Genieße Dich gesund Portal).

Dr. Robert Kecskes presented the data from his Consumer Choice Study (under the GFK), proving that EcoWellness is indeed marketable.

On the stage, Organic Chef Hinze conjured up Chickpea-Broccoli-Curry and wild salmon with lemon chutney for the Type 2, which needs much protein and rather cool nourishment, Beyerle AG CH Curry-Creme for the sensitive Type 1, which requires warmth and often suffers from cold hands and feet, as well as a delicious Chili Sin Carne for every type, especially Type 3, the rather more sluggish metabolic type. Each type could also enjoy the Sauerkraut-Salad made by Marschland Naturkost (D-Otterndorf).

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Translated by Bradley Henson, EcoWellness Intern

Many experts enjoyed tasting our EcoWellness products.