The task of this organization, which was founded in January 2014, is to establish the parameters for auditing license partners by accredited certification officials in accordance with ECOWELLNESS Standards, utilizing the professional competence of this organization’s experts.
Integrated ART I Holding AG is the commissioner. Potential investors can order a pre-evaluation and cost estimate (Kostenvoranschlag), in order to review the licensing and certification process without any obligation. Furthermore, the organization’s purpose is to supervise and support license partners and conduct scientific research.Organization Goals
The promotion and support of products, services, methods, and processes with preventative, ecological, health-promoting, and social parameters in accordance with the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) approved international standard ECOWELLNESS (German: ÖKOWELLNESS).
Research and development to improve the quality of preventative-medical diagnostic methods, products, software, and methods.
The promotion and support of educational and training programs as well as publications for the purpose of health economics.
The promotion and support for the development of the seal of quality and the umbrella brand “ECOWELLNESS” with the claim of innovational leadership in the areas of health promotion and health insurance for companies as well as private, public, and/or social establishments.
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Vormann, born 25.04.1953
First Representative:
Reinhardt Stefan Tomek, born 02.09.1945
Second Representative:
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rehak, born 02.06.1956
Ariane Swoboda
Regina Richter, born 12.05.1953

Prof. Dr J. Vormann, Chair of the I.Q.C. Qualification Board


Markus Arbenz, CEO of IFOAM (EcoWellness Standard)


R S Tomek, Board Member



Evaluated Partners and License Partners approved by the EcoWellness Qualification Board.

Food & Farming 

Marschland Naturkost  Not yet audited


Beyeler             Not yet audited


Tropenhaus klein eden/EcoWellness                                                                   Preliminary audit, no folow-up audit



Retail and Health Shops

TSH Holding & Trading UG D 12459 Berlin Ostendstr 25 Control Point: DE ECO Control Point EU 70 Peterson Controlunion

First Audit


Stonepaper JH Innovation GmbH D 68161  Positive Evaluation, No license contract


EcoWellness Health Shop and Coach

Agent Hilda Pölzlbauer 1070 Wien  Positive Evaluation, Orientation and License contract


Fa Top Prevention

Ing. Bernhard Brunner, Health Coach

A  Wien

Status: Certification Process in progress



Franziska Wachter KG Bistro-Pub Fliegender Holländer  1020 Wien 

Positive Evaluation, Orientation, and License Contract


Fa. Speisenmeister

Catering Bio Koch Christopher Hinze

D Stuttgart

Status: Certification Process in progress


Medicinal Products and Diagnostics


No Follow-up Audit


Candidates for Certification: Status: Positive Evaluation of Pomegranate Products. Maulbeer. Aronia

Planned Diversification of the company and organic products, , Preliminary Approval for Award “in certification”

Certification Process in progress.


Labor Endler or Preventomed 1090 Wien  Positive Evaluation, License Contract pending



Terminated Certification due to no auditing implemented and Termination of Contract


Dr med Mariela   Iantschewa 1200  Wien Gaußplatz


Dr med Viktor Zyganow  Berlin (Warning until August 2017 due to misuse of the seal of approval; misuse of litigation)


Beverages, Food, and Retail

Weingut Weiss Gols, Burgenland, Austria


Health Shop Ute Siegl 1080 Wien   Mutual termination of contract, no audit


Fa Servatrix Berlin, Moringaid Lemonade with Moringa    Termination due to lack of EU Organic Certification, Litigation


Medicinal Products:

NILAS NV Gmbh Hamburg. The agreed conditions for the certification and the current verification for medicinal product 17 was not delivered despite notifications and communication.



Date of Last Edit: 26.11.17


I.Q.C. Independent Qualification Council e.V. als EcoWellness Qualification Board

Chairman Prof. Dr. Jürgen Vormann