Publication of a new, sensational study coinciding with the „Grüne Woche“ and the BÖLW reception with BM Julia Klöckner.

Berlin & Wien January 2019

It seems to be no coincidence that the new study in -<<The Lancet>> an important scientific magazine, was published at the time of the „International Green Week“. The study gives us impetus to reconsider the motto of BVE( from a new perspective: „How will the future taste?“

Since many years we have supported and encouraged studies concerning the connection between ecology and health and the fact that we need standards to address this matter. Now it has shown itself to be clear, scientifically why the Bio-Standard ECOWELLNESS is a necessity.

Firstly, legally binding standards provide a basis for systematic exchange of knowledge and anchor regulations which can be cross-analyzed, for the practical application–from quality assured large-scale food production to personal consumption.


To avoid millions of deaths and catastrophic damage to the Earth, mankind must radically change it’s diet and methods of food production, according to the study. To achieve this, humans must reduce by half their consumption of meat and sugar while at the same time doubling the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. This was the conclusion reached by a consortium of 37 experts from 16 countries.: <<Food in the Anthropocene, the Eat, Lancet Commission >> published 17 Januar, 2019 in „The Lancet“.

Destruction of the Planet.; Origins of Costly Chronic Diseases

„The contemporary eating habits exceed the production capacity of the Earth and are the cause of many illnesses. They pose a threat to every single human being and the Earth equally.“ according to the study.

<<Much Packaging, no Content>>“Verbraucherzentrale“ (Consumer Central)

Plastic packaging often contains up to 80% air. „We are in a catastrophic situation.“, said co-author Tim Lang from the University of London to News agency AFP. The way in which we eat is one of the main causes of climate change, the loss of bio-diversity, and for diseases like obesity, cardio-vascular disease and diabetes. So as our nutritional system was radically changed in the 20th century, we feel the system of the 21st century must undergo radical change.

<RED Meat (beef, pork, lamb) more than 200g per week

damages health and climate>>

The co-author and director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Johann Rockström said, to feed 10 Billion people by the year 2050 we must introduce healthy nutrition, reduce food waste, and invest in technologies for reducing the effects thereof. To protect health and environment human kind in rich countries must drastically reduce their consumption of meat and dairy products. Scientists demand that the consumption of red meat should not exceed 200g per week; a typical hamburger contains between 125g to 150g of red meat.

<<Dairy products are also being consumed irresponsibly>>

The daily consumption of dairy products should not exceed 250g and furthermore, not more than 2 eggs should be consumed per week (whereas the individual metabolic type should be considered and not generalized).

At the same time, researchers call for a 100% increase in the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) governments should help, through national nutritional standards and redirection of agricultural subsidies to drive this change.

The experts hold industry responsible and consequently find themselves in contact with over 80 companies to craft a vision of nutrition and land-usage, according to the WBCSD.

R.S. Tomek, chief executive of the independent think tank Integrated Art: „I, we are convinced that unfortuneately many responsibility holders in the food and pharmaceutical industries-as in the case of Glyphosate- work counter to the facts, belittleing them, but we turn ourselves towards these decision-makers who take their responsibilty seriously, and we, with 15 years of research and practice through the „Ecowellness Standard for Nutrition and Preventive Health Care“ seek cooperation with them.

All of us who know the TRUTH work towards it, so that it moves from being a business with illness to a business with health, can only call on all „acteurs of the nutritional sytems“; the IFOAM (,; the Bio-Verbände; the FAO; the BVE; and all government officials in every nation to participate in common initiatives for developing new models of sustainable, healthy alimentation- as we have demonstrated for some 15 years- with great care for the resources of our planet“

Translated DE>>ENG by J. Ritchey Robinson

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